3D Printed Phone Cases

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Reasons to Create Your Own 3D Printed Phone Cases


HaCREATING MY OWN 3D PRINTER CELL PHONE CASESving been a long-time reader of 3dprinterheadlines.com, an up and coming startup website, I decided to dive into the deep end and try to print 3D print some phone cases. The first logical step for me as a millennial passionate about 3D printing was to actually get a 3D printer! I didn’t want to spend a lot of money because the projects I saw myself tackling weren’t complex enough to demand that kind of technology. But I still wanted to get the full functionality you’d expect from a 3D printer, coupled with it being reliable and easy to set up and use right off the bat. So, once I got it home and installed it, I decided on my first project: 3D printed phone cases.


Why 3D Printed Phone Cases?

There’s literally no one I know at this moment in time in my circle of friends who doesn’t have a smartphone around with them everywhere they go. It makes sense; we’ve become accustomed to being and feeling connected at all times. Some of us need to make sure we’re in touch with our work, or are easy to reach by our families. So our phones become this integral part of us, of who we are. And it stands to reason that since these smartphones are such a big deal, we’d want to properly customize them to our personal liking. This is akin to how people decorate their cubicles or how we place stickers on our laptops or used to do the same to those big CRT monitors. It makes an otherwise inanimate object more something of our own, something which we can relate to. And as far as smartphones go, you don’t have that much space to place stickers, and the only viable option remains getting custom phone cases to match your mood, personality and personal design preferences. Coupled with my interest in 3D printing, 3D printed phone cases were the way to go.


Why 3D Print It Yourself?

Well, the obvious reason is something I’ve already mentioned: you can do a full customization job on the phone case. This directly relates to you and your personal preferences. You can choose the colors, the shape and any protrusion designs on the back as well, not to mention add detail and mix in different colors if your 3D printer allows it. And while you can certainly buy other than the original phone cases in a shop, those would still be mass produced, so it’s not something unique to your phone only. It’s a way through which you can make sure you stand out if that’s what you’re after.

But then I realized a second amazing use for 3D printed phone cases: advertising. A company can easily print out phone cases for their employees with the company logo on the case, or using the company colors. Or you can create phone case giveaways with the same cases in order to promote something specific. Either way, it’s a win-win situation and in this day and age! It’s never been easier to get done at a relatively affordable price.

As a student with not much money I chose to buy the XYZ 3D Da Vinci which was very affordable and the cheapest on the list. It does the job very well! I might invest in a more expensive 3D Printer in future for other projects since I now have the bug for 3D Printing. Once you go full 3D Printing you never go back! 😉

But if REALLY  want to spend money I researched another company here zetoff


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