3D Printing Fashion

3D Printing Fashion

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The Brave New World of 3D Printing Fashion!


ERICA 3D PRINTING FASHIONWho follows any rules when it comes to fashion? It is all about what you feel and what you want to wear. The concept that black cannot be worn in summers is also long gone. It is simple as this now; you like it, buy it and wear it in the most chic possible way and it will become the latest fashion and people will definitely adore it too.

3D Printed fashion hit the fashionista world some years back and has grown significantly since then. Printing is a term that brings to mind an A4 size paper and a machine that prints your desired design onto the paper. But that is not what it has to offer; the concept has grown wider with time. The 3D printing techniques are not just mainstream now but are evolving incredibly. The applications of 3D printing have broadened and it has become super amazing with the passage of time.

3D printing is being used in different industries apart from just the fashion world. Architects and scientists have also utilized it for the creation of wonderful models. But with the passage of time, it has gained more potential and has become stronger through the revolution. 3D printed building and 3D printing instruments are no more the center of attraction as the fashion world has grasped this concept and molded it, into such creative ways that it boggles one’s mind and leaves the audience speechless at times too. Fashion has held 3D printing within its hands and has no intentions of letting it go.

3D Printer Fashion Designers

3D printing has given designers the scope for creating alluring, eye catching and extremely intricate, customized clothes. And not just this, they are able to make wonderful accessories through it as well within a matter of hours. 3D Printing has left the concept of traditional seamstresses behind and the idea of it taking months or weeks leaves the designers bizarre now. Who has time for months when 3d Printing can help you avail excellent quality and intricate details within hours? 3D Printing has introduced a great future for the fashion world and provides endless opportunities to designers too.


Wonderful Creations done with 3D Printed Fashion

The world of fashion is extremely vast and needs no further introduction. But when we think of fashion, we as normal individuals, don’t think of 3D Printing, do we? However, this is where innovation and creativity meets up with art.

A young Canberra designer is ready to shake the Vancouver Fashion Show 2017 with a wonderful creation of 3D printing and digital dreams. Chame Esterhuizen has made a dress with 3D prints and has given it a wonderful digital outlook to add an exquisite example to the fashion industry. This dress is all about rubber printed butterflies and is going to be 175 cm in length. Here is what Chame shared with the industry lately:

“It takes almost 5 and a half hours for a single butterfly to get printed and the dress comprises of around 130-150 butterflies.”

Chame is a young, 23 year old designer has set the fashion world on fire with her 3d creation. This equals to almost 800 hours for the butterflies being printed only. And the estimate of what the dress might cost is set to $90,000. She further told the media that she had six 3d printers working day and night for this process to complete. She got support from two major printing companies. This dress is termed as the largest 3d printed dress to be created within Australia.

At the moment, the 3d printed fashion is really costly and will obviously cost the buyers more. But Chame believes that this will change with the passage of time as designers will start creating more of it and people will begin to purchase it too. Nothing goes to waste in the designing and fashion world.


Adidas Unveils its 3D Printed Sneakers

Talking about fashion, how can we forget shoes? And well, sneakers are the basics for all. Adidas has done a lot of experimenting on 3D printed shoes but has never gone this far with it. They have unveiled their first massive production of 3D printed sneakers. This year, they will be selling around 5000 of these and plan to jump to a larger figure by 2018. They partnered with Carbon for the 3d printing purpose. With this in the fashion world, a lot can be looked up to automatically.


THIS YOUNG WOMAN IS LEADING THE WAY: 3D Printing Fashion: How I 3D-Printed Clothes at Home

Future of Fashion?

The fashion world is embracing the 3D Printing concept amazingly. With this being done and said the 4D is being welcomed too, with open arms in the fashion industry. We simply cannot wait to see how the designer combines 4D with their immense creativity and innovate something incredible yet again.

Stay ready to look forward to some of the best 3D printed fashion creations this year 2017…


Written by Erica Flynn





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