3d printing ideas for students

3d printing ideas for students

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What are good 3d printing ideas for students?


CREATING MY OWN 3D PRINTER CELL PHONE CASESAs soon as I got admitted into college, my parents decided to gift me a brand-new 3D printer. I dabbled with this kind of technology before, but it was always in either an academic setting or in circumstances in which I had no control over what was done with the machine. But after setting up my very first, personal 3D printer, I was faced with a conundrum: what are the kinds of things I would actually need to print? I’m a student, so saving up money and living on a budget are two very important aspects of my life at this stage. So after putting some thought into it, this is what I came up with – so, let’s talk about 3D printing ideas for students.


Storage, Organization and Space Saving Items

3d printed storage ideaClutter is a huge part of student life. Whether you live in a dorm or continue living at home with your folks – and especially if you’re renting – space is very, very important. It’s your space, and the last thing you need in a small dorm room or a rented apartment is your stuff getting in the way at all times. It will, inevitably, but you can make just a little bit of effort to keep things tidy. To that end, a 3D printer is truly a godsend. Everything from clothes hangers, to cable management solutions and even book stoppers to keep your books upright and save space on shelves. These things are amazingly easy to print out, designs abound for free online and you can easily find the right solution for your specific needs. Want to turn a single drawer into a multi-compartmental one? Either print out the individual separators, or print a plastic tray which can help store and organize the stuff you keep in that drawer. The printer I used was the Flash 3D Printer Finder Cool name huh? 😉


Avoiding Disposable Stuff

Let’s talk disposables: not only are most options you have not environmentally friendly, ending up in landfills near you, but they can also cost you a pretty penny added up in time. So why not avoid the disposable stuff you can avoid by printing their plastic counterparts with a 3D printer? The first items that come to mind are food containers and drinking cups. Now, you need to be careful with this stuff, as not all 3D printers can handle the safe materials you need to use to store food or beverages. PLA plastics are safe, but you’ll also need to make sure that your 3D printer, like mine, has a stainless steel hot end. One last thing on food and beverage-related items: use the simplest plastic out there, no colors, no fancy designs, nothing. The simpler you keep it, the safer it will be to use it for prolonged periods of time without having to worry.

But then you have your coasters, or cup holders. Both of these items are useful to have around the house, and they often end up damaged and need to be replaced. Going for full plastic alternatives will ensure that they’ll last longer. That’s the whole idea of 3D printing ideas for students: making things a lot easier, cutting down costs and still getting to use your printer for practical stuff. In this same category, we can also include other kitchen items, like salad tongs, supports and hangers for your kitchen utensils. These are things that are usually used repeatedly and are prone to wear and tear. Not having to buy them again and again will surely save you some money along the way.


Design, Out of Love for Design

Now let’s focus on you, and on who you are as a person. If you’re anything like me and if you’re a student, odds are you most likely are plenty like me. You feel like 3d ideas for students loveyou need to finally brand yourself. Finally show the world who you are as a person and what sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. And there’s no easier way to do this than with some great design ideas for your personal space. That way, when you have friends over or even family, they will get a sense of what your life is like and who you are as an individual.


To that end, you can create amazing shapes to dress certain light sources. These will project cool shadows on your walls which make for interesting mood setters. Use different colors to create different hues, but make sure to keep the plastic a safe distance from the light source, especially if it emits heat.

And we cannot end this article without talking about the main attraction of 3D printing ideas for students: art. We all love to create, and considering how easy to understand and accessible 3D design programs have become, even for illiterates in such matters, it’s time to unleash your creativity. Design something, work on it a bit and consider getting some outside help from your more art-prone friends if you’re stuck. And then, of course, print it. There’s a sense of accomplishment, a sense of worth and inspiration that comes out of seeing your creation being made before your eyes. Layer upon layer the use different colors or better yet – for more complex creations, make a few items which you can then fit together much like a Lego toy to create a bigger, more complex and interesting object.


Final Thoughts


 This was the Printer my parents got me. I have got used to the color lol

I did the research and showed them what I needed. (Its one of the best value ones on Amazon)

All of these are viable 3D printing ideas for students. They’re easy to create and either take just a little online research. Or just a small drop of creativity and willingness to come up with items which can embellish your living quarters. The possibilities are endless really, and as long as you have the filament loaded and ready, the sky’s the limit. So try out a few of these ideas and see how they work! As you’ll get more comfortable with your own 3D printer and what it can do, you’ll start getting more complex, more diverse ideas. I also printed some cool phone cases too. I just don’t like spending my hard earned dollars! haha


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  1. I must say you have high quality posts here and I learnt a lot
    I am 18 and am looking for some 3d files do you have any?

    1. Hi Sam
      Sure we can help you with the 3d files. We will soon be creating a whole new 3d files page to our site.
      Happy you are learning 🙂


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