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What are the coolest things for 3D printing?

Cool things to 3D Print – So, you got your first 3D printer, and you cannot wait to get home and start on your first printing project to start printing cool things. But once you set the printer up, you might find yourself finding it rather hard to figure out what you should print first. You literally have millions of choices – but which should you consider first? What are some popular, interesting and cool things to 3D print? In the following, we’ll explore what options you have, and what are some of the more popular things you can create with your brand-new 3D printer. Some of the best 3d printed objects…

3D Printed Phone Cases

Smartphones are amazingly popular and they aren’t going away anytime soon. But most of us love to also customize the stuff we have on ourselves at all times to suit our personal styles and personalities. And among the most popular things you can 3D print are phone cases. These designs are easy to come across all over the internet, so no matter what model smartphone you have, you’ll find the right design which you can then customize through using your own choices of color and even adding some exterior protrusion designs. Furthermore, you don’t need a sophisticated 3D printer to create these, as the designs are pretty straightforward and involve little to no complex angles and shapes.



3D Printed Key Chains

Another popular option among the cool things to 3D print are key chains. These are popular because not only can you create something which will help you better manage the keys you need to carry around with you, and add your own designs to the optional designs which accompany the actual key ring, but you can also gift them. Close friends and family will appreciate the time you took to figure out what they like and create a 3D likeness of it which they can attach to their keys. These key chains however can range in design complexity, depending on what exactly you’re going for, so make sure your 3D printer can accommodate your preferences. Choose different colors, even mix and match a couple of colors for even more interesting design choices, and then the create the perfect companion for the key ring which you can enjoy. Or create one for someone you like, a friend or family member and they’ll remember you each time they pull out their keys.



3D Printed Cable Management Solutions

We’re surrounded by cables these days, from our phone chargers, to USB cables, all those cables we need to connect to our PCs, headphones and many, many more. We all know what kind of a mess these can get into if they’re not properly managed with the right cable management solutions. So, if you want to spare yourself the headache of constantly having to detangle cables, then consider printing some cable management solutions. Be it holes through which you can pull individual cables, or small clasps which can hold together a bunch of cables for easier management, to headphone cable holders – you’ll find all these designs and more online for free. All you need to do is figure out what kind of solution would better suit your specific cable management needs and then find the appropriate design for that specific solution. With the design on your PC, you can edit it and customize it for your specific needs easily, as most designs come with customizable hole sizes, or cable grooves. Among the cool things to 3D print, these may be the most practical projects you can start off with, and also among the easiest to set up due to often simple designs.


3D Printed Coasters

Yet another easy, but popular and immensely practical project among the cool things to 3D print are coasters. No one like rings on their furniture, and why would you invest in carboard coasters you find all around? Those will, in time, deteriorate and will need to be replaced. Choosing to print your own 3D plastic coasters gets you a permanent solution to keeping your tables ring and stain-free. What’s really cool about this is that you have full creative freedom on how these coasters look. You can create all sorts of shapes and sizes, and focus on different materials depending on what kind of drinks you prefer – from plastics which can withstand the higher temperatures of your coffee-filled mugs, to regular 3D printer materials for cold or room-temperature beverages. As with some of the above choices, these also make great customizable gift ideas for friends and family.

Things like 3D Print Clothes Hangers are Cool?

Again stepping into the realm of space management, the 3D printed clothes hangers and U-shape hangers are pretty interesting, practical and definitely cool things to 3D print. These can help you spare the expense of constantly having to buy new clothes hangers, and the U-shape hangers can allow for easy hanging of bags, jackets and other items all around your home where you have a small space on your wall. Easy to create and with plenty of models available for free online, you can start to better manage your closet and save up a lot of space around your house.




3D Printed Tripods and Camera Holders

In the age of streaming, Vlogging and of course, selfies, cameras are all around us. And that means that items which can help us stabilize them and keep them in place while we set up a shot or start live streaming like tripods and other camera or smartphone props are becoming popular and practical. So think of a way in which you can better place your camera and hold it at a certain angle and create a plastic holder which allows you to do just that. Or a prop for your smartphone which can keep it just right while you face-time with your family.

As you can see, there are plenty of cool things to 3D print. And while some of these look amazing, make for the perfect, thoughtful gift you can create at home, most of them are highly practical as well. They can save you money, reduce waste and get you items you can use and reuse time and time again. Tight budget and a student? Check out this guide